You've probably got a whole drawer of them. Freebies from teambuilding events. Pretty ones you bought and promptly forgot you had. Ones that you wore until they were threadbare and will continue to wear until they're rags. White T-shirts occupy a special place in our closet, and if we're hoarding them, it's because they're some of the most sentimental pieces we own. Find one that doesn't come with a compellingu00a0story, and it's a shirt you've probably Golden Goose Sneakers been meaning to get rid of anyway.

And u2014 bonus! u2014 the slouchy white T-shirt is one of the easiest things to throw on to make a perfectu00a0outfit. Wear it with your work trousers, and suddenly you'reu00a0Fashionu00a0Week-ready. Wear it under a dress or skirt, and your outfit suddenly feels more special. Click through to see five different waysu00a0a white tee can totallyu00a0makeu00a0a look.